Financing Options

Establish business credit without a personal credit check or personal guarantee. 

  • Establish company profile with Business Credit Bureaus
  • Evaluate existing business credit profiles and scores
  • Build business reports and scores
  • Get lines of credit within 45 days

Click HERE to get your no-risk Business Credit & Pre-Qualification Scan!

Click HERE to get your no-risk Business Pre-Qualification Scan!

✔ Working Capital

  • Working capital helps businesses with managing short-term needs such as payroll, inventory, accounts receivables, and payables.

✔ Equipment Loans

  • Equipment loans are used to buy equipment. Businesses will often have the need to purchase, replace, repair, or upgrade various kinds of equipment.

✔ SBA Loans

  • SBA are loans that are backed by the Small Business Administration. Financing is offered to startups and existing businesses that meet certain criteria.

✔ Asset-based Loans

  • Asset-based loans may be secured by inventory, accounts receivable, equipment or other property owned by the borrower. 

✔ Business Acquisition

  • Business acquisition is the process of acquiring a company. This also includes partner buyouts.

✔ Personal Loans

  • Personal loans are secured or unsecured loans that are paid back in fixed monthly payments for a predetermined amount of time. Must have 680+ credit score. Loan up to 7x gross income.

✔ Bridge Loans

  • A bridge loan is a short-term loan that is used until a company secures permanent financing or removes an existing obligation..

✔ Term Loans

  • Term loans have a fixed payment for a certain amount of time. Term loans can be used to consolidate debt. They can also help with cash flow and money management.

✔ Credit Cards

  • The credit card allows you to make purchases on credit. Qualify for 0% interest for 15-18 months. Limits up to 7x gross income. Must have 680+ credit score and existing credit cards cannot be maxed out.

✔ Debt Restructuring

  • Debt restructuring is a process of refinancing existing debt.

✔ Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts receivable is a type of financing arrangement in which a company receives capital by using accounts receivable as collateral.

✔ Purchase Order or Contract Financing

  • Purchase order or contract financing is a short-term commercial finance option that provides capital to pay suppliers upfront for verified purchase orders. This avoids depleting cash reserves.

✔ Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

  • Merchant cash advance (MCA) is not technically a loan, but rather a cash advance based upon the credit card sales of a business. Daily or weekly payments are typical .

✔ Hard Money Loans

  • Hard money loans are utilized to purchase real estate without the harsh guidelines of a traditional bank loan. 500+ credit Score. Loans typically can close within 10 days.

Click HERE to get your no-risk Pre-Qualification Scan.

✔Multifamily, SFR, Retail, Office, Mixed Use, Condo, 2+ Units, Self-Storage, Automotive, Mobile Home Parks

  • Purchases and Refinances
  • $100K- 10MM
  • 3/1 ARM, 5/1 ARM, 10, 25, and 30 year fixed
  • Amortized and interest-only options
  • Up to 80% LTV for purchases, up to 75% LTV for refinances
  • Credit Score 550+

✔ Fix & Flip

  • Up to 90% LTC, 75% LTV
  • Minimum Loan $100,000
  • Up to 24-month term options
  • Interest only loans
  • 1-4 unit residential properties

✔ Cash-out & Bridge Loans

  • Quick approvals
  • Fast closing
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Up to 80% LTV
  • 12-24 month term options

✔ Mobile Notary Services

  • Our mobile notary agents make the process easy and convenient. Specializing in real estate closings, POA, Identity Theft Affidavits, Deeds, Titles, Contracts, Trusts, etc. 

✔ Company Formation Setup

  • Formation includes obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN), forming an LLC, setting up a corporation, opening business banking accounts, obtaining business insurance quotes, and more.

✔ Financial Literacy Workshops

  • We will educate your organization on personal finances, including but not limited to debt, money management, budgeting, credit, and asset protection. 

✔ Business Consulting

  • As certified business advisors, we can help guide you through your business journey.